10 Best Restaurants from Around the World in 2019

Recounting the best restaurants I ate at has been one way I reflect on the past years.

In 2018, I travelled to a number of different countries and came up with a list of great restaurants from almost all corners of the world (see 10 Favourite Restaurants from Around the World in 2018).

In 2019, my travels became less food-driven and more activity-driven. As such, I wrote about my travel adventures, such as our 5-Day Trekking the W-Circuit in Torres del Paine, Patagonia. I also curated content for travellers, such as the guest post: 5 Historic Sites in London Overlooked by Tourists.

Best restaurants from London and around the world

Nevertheless, discovering outstanding restaurants is thankfully inevitable when living in London. So here are 10 of the best restaurants I ate at in 2019.

Most of these are in London, and a couple are in other cities from around the world, such as Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and Milan.

1. Kricket (London)

As I took my first bite of their Bhel Puri, I knew that Kricket would be added to my list of recommended restaurants in London. This small place serves modern Indian cuisine. Even though Indian food is not my top cuisine, Kricket might be my favourite restaurant discovery of 2019.

The attention to detail on each dish was impressive. There was a delicate balance between flavours from spice and flavours from the natural ingredients (e.g. the scallops). Nothing could beat the simple Bhel Puri dish, served with mango, tamarind and yogurt – the textural contrast is something I can still recall very vividly right now!

2. BAEST (Copenhagen, Denmark)

A trusted foodie claimed that this was the best pizza she ever had… In Copenhagen? I was admittedly sceptical. But many friends had been urging me to visit Copenhagen, for its beautifully decorated cafes and delicious restaurants. The city has apparently flourished into a foodie capital in recent years, and this restaurant speaks for the trend.

The sourdough base was just delicious. It was flavourful, had an appropriately chewy bite, yet maintained a light-feeling. The ingredients BAEST uses are so fresh. You can’t miss the sweetness of the tomatoes, even when you’re indulging in a bite full of cheese. Plus, they actually make their own cheeses. The stracciatella was delicately light, almost foamy in texture.

While it’d be bold to claim it was the absolute best pizza I’ve had, I wouldn’t deny the claim.

3. I Latina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“Fine dining” experiences with tasting menus are a must for me when in South America. I had so many great experiences when travelling in Peru and Bolivia (Central, Astrid y Gaston and Gustu). So I was adamant on trying I Latina when visiting Buenos Aires last year.

Their dishes draw influences from all over Latin America, which makes the meal a cultural experience. As a result, there was variety on the menu, from ingredients to cooking techniques. I also loved the relaxed and charming atmosphere.

4. Smoking Goat (London)

We came here twice and practically ordered the exact same thing, because all the dishes we tried the first time were so good we couldn’t not order them again. To be precise, you have to get the sticky fried chicken wings and many portions of their sticky rice to wipe the plate clean of the delicious sauce!

What we loved most about this place is how every dish is packed with so much flavour. They know how to use heat and fire to really charcoal-up their meats and skewers.

5. Coal Office (London)

I first stumbled into Coal Office for brunch, but I loved it so much I subsequently brought two groups here (on separate occasions) for dinner. And on every single occasion, we ordered the Josperized Aubergines. I loved how they grilled them until they were super soft, and thoroughly infused with charcoal flavours.

Read the full review here: Coal Office: New Unique Israeli Brunch in Kings Cross

6. Brasserie Bodu (Lucerne, Switzerland)

I’m a huge fan of steak. But I actually rarely order it at a non-Steakhouse restaurant in fear that they won’t deliver my medium-rare meat, medium rare.

That said, I was brought to Brasserie Bodu specifically for their L’entrecote steak. Indeed, it’s definitely the best French bistro-style l’entrecote steak I’ve had. Even though I ordered my meat medium rare, the texture was never too chewy. The sauce was addictive, as were the hand-cut fries.

7. Ratana (Milan, Italy)

Visiting Tuscany was one of my favourite vacation spots in 2019. We had excellent food almost every single meal. These were often simplistic dishes made with high quality and extremely fresh produce from Italy.

Ratana in Milan (as recommended by Eater as one of Milan’s best restaurants) probably stood out to me most, just because their menu is a more unique. I felt it was easy to get great classic Italian dishes all around the country, but the combination of quality ingredients and creativity was definitely most memorable at Ratana.

8. The Crown Hastings (Hastings, UK)

After spending an intense Saturday hiking 26km on the 1066 Country Walk, we relaxed on the Sunday, exploring Hastings. It’s an extremely cute sea-side town. For lunch, we stumbled across this pub… and of course, the fact that it was packed and we had to wait for a table, made us want to wait to try their food even more…

Their pub dishes were cooked excellently and had a creative twist. They also had a great selection of beers on tap and even their own homemade bread and butter.

Read more about our trip here: Battle and Hastings: Hiking Trip with the Best Pub Lunches

9. Kitty Fischer’s (London)

It’s hard to aptly describe the cuisine of food Kitty Fischer’s serves, just because I feel that no description would do it justice. I was extremely impressed by the short and creative menu. They probably change the menu often, but everything we ordered was perfectly cooked and compiled.

In fact, I returned for a second visit only one month later. On my second visit, we ordered their special: a 50-day dry-aged steak – one of the best steaks I’ve had for sure!

10. Lahpet (London)

I only first tried Burmese food on our trip to Myanmar in 2017. That’s also when I discovered their huge array of refreshing tasty salads (read more: Beyond Yangon and All Around Myanmar in 9 Days). I remember being surprised by their dishes, mainly because the cuisine is quite underrepresented around the world.

Therefore it was a pleasant surprise when we came across Lahpet, a Burmese restaurant near Shoreditch, London. Although they didn’t have the wide salad varieties here, they make the classic one, Tea Leaf Salad, authentically well.

Share your best restaurant recommendations!

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