Lurra (London): Best Basque Spanish Restaurant in Marylebone

Lurra has become one of my go-to restaurants in London to take guests. Whenever people visit, I want to show off the best restaurants in the city, the ones which do the London food scene justice. There’s another important element to the struggle – a lot of restaurants don’t take reservations. For example, Barrafina is another great Spanish restaurant, but they only do walk-ins, and their bar counter seating is only really ideal for a party of two.

Lurra is one of the best spots for this, and for nice occasions. They serve consistently impressive Basque country style Spanish food, with a focus on charcoal grilled meats and seafood. It’s great for two people, or for a larger group (probably up to 8 or 10 max).

We’ve been back a couple of times and it’s even now inspired us to book a trip to San Sebastien – stay tuned in the next few months!

jamon croquetas Lurra, a Spanish Basque restaurant London
Jamon croquetas and Guernika peppers

Guernika Peppers (GBP 9) and Jamón croquetas (GBP 7.5)

To start, it’s almost impossible not to order these two staple items when dining at a Spanish restaurant. Both were as perfect as we expected! (Guernika peppers are like the usual Padron peppers you see on Spanish menus.)

Sourdough with Bone Marrow (GBP 6) *must order*

But my absolute favourite dish at Lurra has to be their bone marrow. It’s hands down the best bone marrow I’ve tasted. They’re intensely flavourful and perfectly grilled. It’s also served with their delicious, slightly too-charred sourdough bread.

In fact, Lurra is where I introduced my family to bone marrow for the first time. It’s not a dish for the faint hearted because it’s so intense and fatty. But they all fell in love with it, very unexpectedly, especially for my mom.

Rioja red wine at Lurra Spanish Basque restaurant London
Rioja wine at Lurra

Rioja wine (GBP34 per bottle)

We easily made the decision to complement our meal with a bottle of Spanish wine. Rioja is a wine region very close to San Sebastien, and it’s very often my go-to style of fuller body red wine – sitting somewhere bolder than Sangiovese wine, but lighter than a Syrah. That was perfect to go with the flavourful meat we had for our main course.

Seafood Tapas: Chorizo stuffed squid (GBP23) and Grilled octopus (GBP24) *must order*

It was really hard to choose between these two tapas dishes. Thankfully, we were a larger group so we could order both and share. The chorizo stuffed squid was probably a little more unique in taste, but the tender texture of the perfectly grilled octopus was still my preferred tapas dish. There definitely wasn’t consensus on this though.

14 year Rubia Gallega “Galician Blond” dry aged on the bone 800g for two (GBP78) *must order*

Onto the main main course, I can never not order their steak either. I’ve been to countless great steakhouses in Hong Kong and London, but I am always especially impressed by the steaks here. The key distinguishing factor is the incredibly strong beefy aromas. I read on their website that this is because of the type of cow they use, which are much older.

The only drawback is that the portion of 800g is definitely for more than the “two” they suggest, especially since you will (and should) order other smaller dishes to start.

Whole wild grilled turbot (GBP79/Kg)

By now, it seems like my stomach is bottomless… It almost is whenever I’m here. But honestly, the turbot is another dish I’ve ordered multiple times when at Lurra.

On our latest visit, the smallest available turbot left was 1.3kg… That was quite definitely too large for only four people, especially given all the other dishes we had ordered. But the fish is fresh, flavourful, tender and juicy. It’s difficult to get this quality of fish cooked so well in other restaurants elsewhere – we debated for a short while, but I had to go along.

Basque cheesecake at Lurra, a Spanish Basque restaurant London
Basque cheesecake (large)

Basque cheesecake (GBP5/8.5) *must order*

I actually first fell in love with Basque style cheesecake at Barrafina in King’s Cross. It’s super cheesy in flavour, which was quite unique.

This one was quite different, but my preferred version. In fact, it’s probably one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had ever (as is the epic lemon cheesecake from Carbone in Hong Kong). At the centre, or near the “tip”, the cheesecake is so incredibly soft and smooth. It has an excellent cheese flavour that’s apparent but not pungent. That almost seems like an oxymoron, but I’d say they balanced the flavours perfectly. It didn’t feel too heavy, even though there were actually only 3 of us sharing these two slices pictured. It was so good, we did eventually cleaned the whole plate off.

An excellent quality Spanish meal for an occasion

All in all, I’ve always had great dining experiences at Lurra. We often end up ordering these same dishes, because they’re honestly so delicious I would probably regret it if I missed one out.

It’s a slightly pricier meal compared with other restaurants, as the bill usually comes up to about GBP70-80, including alcohol. But we do order the pricey items like the steak and fish. Plus, the quality of the produce and ingredients are definitely evident. I also like the nice, but still relaxed atmosphere.

They also have a sister restaurant on the same street: Donostia. I’ve been to that one as well and the menu is quite different. I still prefer Lurra though.

9 Seymour Place
London W1H 5BA

Reservations available online here.

Spend per person: GBP70-80

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