Best Cafes & Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Hong Kong

It’s been over a year since I visited Hong Kong, so I’m thankful for the below article submitted by a guest to share the latest and best cafes/coworking spaces. Elephant Grounds has always been one of my favourites, but I’m excited to visit the rest!

The below article was written by a guest, and does not represent my personal experiences.

There seems to be something special about co-working spaces that enables people to thrive more. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it just like any other traditional office? Since 2020 quickly became the year of working from home, people started finding solace in co-working spaces. Just with the simple help of a comfortable atmosphere, community spirit or even just basic human interaction, it helps people adjust to the new norm that is working remotely. So grab your office bag and get moving. Read on for an array of luxurious co-working spaces and cafes available in Hong Kong.

The Work Project Coworking space
The Work Project

Image courtesy of The Work Project

The Work Project

As you set foot into The Work Project, you’ll be greeted with soft tones, high ceilings and a beautiful vertical garden that radiates a peaceful ambiance. Equipped with formal and informal meeting rooms, open areas for groups and private areas for individuals, you’ll have the flexibility to find a suitable spot to work in. The creators of The Work Project have taken into account every detail that exists at the co-working space today — services, amenity, acoustics, software and more to provide an exquisite place for workers today.

The Executive Centre Hong Kong
The Executive Centre

Image courtesy of The Executive Centre

The Executive Centre

Much like stepping into the first class lounge of your favourite airline,The Executive Space has a premium feel to it. With their modern and decadent interiors giving off a Gatsby vibe, entrepreneurs will be motivated to achieve anything and everything. The Business Concierge will help any business get up and running, with constant on-site assistance throughout. Coffeeholics can enjoy freshly brewed coffee for when they take over the world.

TheDesk Hong Kong Coworking space

Image courtesy of theDesk


Located on the second floor of 5-star Kerry Hotel, theDesk is a lifestyle shared space that focuses on work-life balance. theDesk offers many games and conversation starters to help you get the creative juices flowing! After a hard day at work, workers are able to get some downtime at the hotel’s jacuzzi, gym or the pool.

Banyan Workspace Hong Kong
Banyan Workspace

Image courtesy of Banyan Workspace

Banyan Workspace

With the view overlooking Hong Kong’s outer harbour, decked out in high-end eco-friendly interiors as a commitment to their social and environmental responsibilities, who wouldn’t want to sign up here? For instance, Banyan Workspace donates two percent of individual membership fees to a local charity, based on the member’s choice. It’s also a safe haven for bookworms who are looking for a cozy space to indulge in a book during their free time.

The Hive Hong Kong Coworking space
The Hive Kennedy Town

Image courtesy of The Hive

The Hive

The Hive caters to the creative community, offering a fully equipped photography and craft studio for creators to go wild with their projects. For artists and freelancers, this is the place to be. The space also has a resting room with a bioharmonic soundtrack for relaxation and meditation. As they have many branches throughout Hong Kong, members are free to explore whichever branch they feel most at home at.

Elephant grounds Star Street Hong Kong
Elephant Grounds Star Street

Image courtesy of

Elephant Grounds (Star Street)

The rough and ready aesthetic that Elephant Grounds has going on makes it an attraction for hipsters. Accompanied by some delicious coffee and a peaceful surrounding, you’ll get your work done in no time.

Opendoor Cafe Courtyard Hong Kong
Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard

Image courtesy of Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard

Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard

Located on the streets of Connaught Road West, Opendoor is a modern cafe with an open concept that has attracted many locals to become their regulars. Have no fear, Opendoor has installed USB outlets and power plugs beside each table and not to mention, the internet connection could keep you going for hours on end. Head out to the courtyard for some fresh air and inspiration.

Winstons Coffee Hong Kong Coffee Shop
Winstons Coffee

Image courtesy of Winstons Coffee

Winstons Coffee

Looking for a place to quickly get some work done? This Insta-famous cafe has been attracting customers with its specialty coffee and cafe aesthetics. Once you’re done with work, stay on at Winstons for some good music and a glass of Winstons’ renowned espresso martini.

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