lolleroll & Christy’s presence in the Media

Christy Ma is the founder of lolleroll and has been featured in the media globally. Christy also founded the food start-up BEASTFAST Foods in London in 2018.

She has been:

  • Recognised as a top food blogger in Hong Kong by LifestyleAsia, foodpanda, foodie, Precious Magazine HK, Wcity and Feedspot
  • Interviewed as ‘food authority’ by digital and print media in Hong Kong and London, such as Expat Dining, Sai Kung Magazine, foodie Magazine and The Maker by L’Estrange

Here are some snippets:

Five Best Home Chefs to Follow on Instagram Right Now – Co/Lab Pantry

June 2020

Christy Ma was selected as one of five best home chefs to follow on Instagram, and said to “constantly have us salivating every time they post a new recipe or food pic”.

“With a penchant for brunch and coffee, Christy Ma is someone to follow if you take your breakfast making game very seriously. She often makes yogurt, oatmeal, chia seed puddings and experiments with healthy pancakes or waffles. She’s travelled about the world from Singapore to South America and has continually been inspired by the different cuisine that travel has introduced her to. Try her kimchi fried rice with spinach, green beans and frankfurters for something different, or her simple homemade pici cacio e pepe from scratch.”

9 Hongkongers on Instagram whose baking game is on point – Timeout

April 2020

Lolleroll was recommended by Timeout as one of nine Instagram accounts to follow for cooking ideas.

“From banana bread to Swiss zopf, this ‘grammer has been baking up a storm at home recently to pass the time. One creation that caught our eye was the devilishly moreish-looking butter cake. Check out Lolleroll’s Instagram account for more culinary inspiration.”

Featured Food Influencer – Precious Magazine HK (Print)

November 2018

Christy Ma was selected to be featured as one of eight Instagram Influencers in Hong Kong.

When asked, “what does it mean for you to be a food blogger?” she claims:

Dining out at so many different restaurants inspires and educates me, about food, health, entrepreneurship and more. But the best part is the excitement I feel when I discover something new – whether it’s a fusion ceviche dish or a stinky French cheese – to introduce to my friends and family. I crave the opportunity to pass on recommendations, tell people a story and then see their faces when they try it out. I do love eating, but I love the sharing part even more. “lolleroll” has led to meet so many new people. So to me, being a food blogger is less about the food and blog, and more about the people it continually connects me to. 

Interview with ROL Cruise in UK (Digital)

November 2018

Christy Ma was interviewed to share her experiences and recommendations for The Most Affordable Michelin Star Restaurants in the World.

Interview with INSEAD’s Women in Business Club (Digital)

April 2018

Christy Ma, our 18J classmate, talks about going from finance to food, deciding to come to INSEAD and the power of repetition. Happy reading!” 

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Meet the Sai Kung Stars of Instagram – Sai Kung Magazine (Print)

November 2017

“The rise of social media has allowed certain individuals to garner followings which reach into the thousands – catapulting them to Instagram fame and opening up opportunities… find out the story behind their Instagram account.”

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The Hit List – The Maker – L’Estrange London (Digital)

June 2017

Christy Ma was interviewed among four ‘food authorities’ from Hong Kong, LA, London and Sydney to “divulge where they felt at home in their own cities, and where they would recommend for those wanting to experience a fine dining revolution”.

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Top 30 Hong Kong Food Blogs – Feedspot (Digital)

Updated weekly 

Christy Ma was featured as part of “The Best Hong Kong Food blogs from thousands of top Hong Kong Food blogs in our index using search and social metrics.”

See the full coverage here: Top 30 Hong Kong Food Blogs

Food For Thought – Expat Dining Guide (Print)

Spring 2017

Christy Ma was featured alongside “Hong Kong personalities” such as Dr. Alan Zeman, Founder of LKF Group and Roger Staeheli, Country Manager for Hong Kong Nespresso to “recommend their favourite restaurant in town”

Read the full magazine feature: Hong Kong celebrities recommend their favourite restaurant in town

Top Food Bloggers in 2016 – foodpanda Magazine (Digital)

September 2016

“…reliable data about those bloggers who are currently rising to the top seems lacking… this post explores the 50 hottest Hong Kong bloggers in 2016 across three major categories – Food, Travel and Lifestyle.”

According to foodpanda, “what we love: Focused around food, travel and lifestyle news, Hong Kong-based blog Lolleroll is a gem on the local blogosphere. With sass and wit, Christy guides her readers through the city jungle in which she eats out as often as ten times in a single week.”

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foodpanda Top Food Blogger 2016

20 Hong Kong foodies to follow on Instagram – Lifestyle Asia (Digital)

August 2016

“These Instagrammers will make you hungry and, who knows, maybe even help you avoid the trap of dining at the same places over and over again. Read on to discover 20 Instagram accounts you should be following so you can eat your way across Hong Kong like a pro.”

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Top 5 Foodie Community Writers of 2015 – Foodie (Digital)

January 2016

“We have had thousands of foodies from hundreds of cities across the globe get involved, but as we are looking back at the year, we wanted to highlight the top 5 community contributors (based on total pageviews of all articles).”

“It’s no surprise her [lolleroll’s] top article killed it, with its core focus being on lunching for under $100”

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Our 10 Fave Insta-foodies in Hong Kong – Wcity (Digital)

June 2015

“You can’t rely on just one app for restaurant recommendations here in Hong Kong… That’s why we rounded up our fave Hong Kong foodies on Instagram”

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Featured Foodie – Foodie Magazine (Print)

June 2015

“Every month we highlight one of our most prolific and viral content contributors from our afoodieworld community. This month we have Lolleroll, aka Christy Ma, who has blessed our site with fabulous articles like her one-day foodie guide to Macau, the best street food shops in town…”

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